mitanti ghosh

I was born in Calcutta, more than seven thousand kilometers away from the city of lights, arrived here in Paris in 2010 and instantly fell in love with the eternal city. Back then, I could hardly fry an egg. May be it was the Parisian air, or may be simply the French culinary culture, but along with Paris, I was soon attracted by the magic that can be created on a hot plate or in an oven, my strongest passion soon became the ability to cook and innovate delicious delicacies. Over the next few years I mastered my art of cooking, almost a self-taught cook together with numerous little advices that I received from the already-established-in-the-art chefs and even complete strangers that I happened to meet on my numerous trips across France and Europe. Now, after having gathered ample know-hows on French food and the ones that I already assimilated during my early years on Indian food and miscellaneous other tips on other cuisines of the world, I thought of sharing it through my site www.theparisfeast.com

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